Valentine’s day Look

I usually stay away from any hint of red on Valentine’s day (except for lipstick of course), because it’s just too cliche for me. This year though, I just couldn’t resist…IMG_8973

When I saw this jumper on I just had to have it! It has just the right amount of red, boho and sexy. The black balances the red flowers, and makes it a little more edgy and not too valentin-y (you know what I mean?). So I broke my V-day rule and went ahead and got it, and I’m thrilled I did!

IMG_8980IMG_9017IMG_9007The embroidery on this little piece is absolutely stunning. Delicate and eye-catching. Even though it’s under $200, it looks (and feels) like a high end designer piece taken right off the runway.IMG_9030 IMG_9046The chest lattice detail is sure to make your partner, and everyone else in the room, do a double take! Even though the cleavage is pretty low, the silky lace up ribbon makes it a little less risqué.IMG_9001 It’s extremely flattering even on the smallest chested gals (B cup power!). It’s sexy without being too revealing.IMG_9025The back is as beautiful and interesting as the front. The black mesh add a touch of softness and romance to the outfit. Like the front the flowers embroidery continues to the back in a nice pattern.IMG_9047As for the bell sleeves, they will sure to make the little boho in you jump with happiness.IMG_8997I can’t wait to wear this jumpsuit on Valentine’s day dinner, and many times after that too. R & I are heading up to Napa to do some wine tasting and then having dinner at our favorite restaurant later at night. What are your plans this Valentine’s day?IMG_9055

Do you like wearing red on Valentine’s day or do you avoid it altogether? Let me know!

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