MAC Double Shot: The Brown Lip Edition

Where all my 90’s kids at?!?

From neck chokers to platform shoes and high wasted pants, the 90’s are making a comeback!

In the beauty industry it all about brown lips all over again, Kylie Jenner style!

I have never been a fan of brown lips particularly on myself, but thanks to the MAC “geniuses” I learned a trick or two to pull this look off. When I was in New York (post here, here & Vlog here), I was on the hunt for MAC Double Shot (on the website it looks more pink than brown), but it was sold out in every store I visited… that’s how popular it is! I purchased it online instead, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve been wearing it non stop ever since. Who would’ve thought I’d be wearing brown lipstick???MAC Double ShotBrown lipstick can be a little intimidating I agree, but you can pull it off too!

To avoid a very dramatic and intense look, don’t apply it like you usually do with other lipsticks. Instead, dab it ever so slightly on the lips then smear it evenly on the lips with either a brush or your finger.IMG_8836To balance it out, and so you don’t look like a zombie, go a little heavier on the cheeks. A little more highlight, bronzer and a nice pink or peachy blush will make all the difference. DSC03466

You can also add a little lip-gloss on top of the brown lipstick to soften it up. A nice gold / peach color will work perfectly!

Remember make up is a fun tool for self expression, wear it whatever way YOU like. Don’t mind what others say or do, know what works best for you, and don’t be scared to experiment a little!

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