My Lipstick Stash

I recently went through a serious “de-cluttering” phase. From my closet to my vanity, I sorted through all my things and got rid of anything I’m not using anymore. By doing this, I found out I have a serious problem of accumulating a ton of lipstick (some of which should’ve been thrown out ages ago).

Lipstick Stash

Even though I struggled to throw away some lipsticks, it had to be done! I mean you never know when a girl needs 4 different lipsticks in the exact same shade… Although I still kept one too many (in R’s opinion, not mine), I promised myself to try to use all of them at least once this month. Do you think I’ll do it or just use the same lipsticks over and over again? let me know!

Lipstick Stash

When I was rearranging my collection, I couldn’t help but notice that I tend to buy only 2 colors. There’s red of course (from bright to deep berry) and nude, with an occasional coral here and there. You can say that my lipstick game is pretty predictable.

Lipstick Stash

If I had to pick, my all time favorites from my collection, MAC in the shade “Only You” (from the Ellie Goulding collection) is my all time favorite nude/everyday lipstick. YSL in the shade 14 is my favorite summery lipstick. It’s such a beautiful bright Coral shade that looks amazing with a tan.

Lipstick Stash

As for the reds, it was honestly a super easy choice. The Marc Jacobs in “Dashing” takes the #1 spot. Even though it’s matte it’s so creamy and doesn’t dry out the lips. The color is an absolutely gorgeous saturated red and it will last you a long time, even after eating!

What are your all time favorite lipsticks? Do you also have a certain range of shades that you stick to or are you more adventurous? Let me know in the comments!




25 thoughts on “My Lipstick Stash

      1. You’re so right!!! I vow to you know… tomorrow I will wear my red lippie 😉 the hell with what they think! On Monday I can always use a bit of extra oomph 😀 Love, Kathleen

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of lipstick! I have a grand total of…one. 🙂
    I do enjoy wearing makeup but I often just wear a Burt’s Bees tinted chapstick. I’d like to start wearing lipstick though — Bobbi Brown ones are nice.

  2. I LOVE pink lipsticks and lip glosses! I have SO many, too many in others opinion but for me I could never have enough! :p hahah -Annabel Annunziata (

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