Burberry Kisses Limited Edition

It wouldn’t be the Holiday season without a good red pout, would it now?IMG_0783Burberry just released a limited edition “Festive Gold” beauty line . The line consists of a limited edition fluid base, luminizing powder, eye cream, lipstick, lipgloss and nail polish.


The lipstick, lipgloss and nail polish come in only two shades “Military Red” and “Festive Gold”. The line quickly went out of stock on Sephora.com for a reason.IMG_0793

Like every other Burberry collection, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. The gold really makes it perfect for the holiday season and makes it look even more like a limited edition… Leave it to Burberry to make the most gorgeous packaging ever!


When I first saw the Burberry Kisses lipsticks I knew I had to get it in shade “Military Red“, it was just calling my name! You guys know how much I love a red pout.


The lipstick has a satin finish and a weightless formula. What I like most about it is that even though it’s pigmented it can be very subtle. The lipstick is more on the sheer side, it’s not transparent but definitely not opaque. With only one layer, you get a more sheer finish, but if you want a more dramatic look, you can easily layer it up.


Even with two or three layers, the lipstick will still look “natural”. It won’t mask your lips like other lipsticks do.


The military red is a gorgeous shade that will suit every skin tone I’m sure. It’s the perfect red that isn’t too bright nor too dark. Not too cold nor too warm. It’s a lipstick that will want to wear over and over again.


I love how elegant and simple this line is. It is a true reflection of what Burberry brand stands for, which is simplicity and elegance. That’s why Burberry will always be one of my all time favorite brand.


Dress: Asos (on Sale for under $60!)

Rain Boots: Calvin Klein







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