Cabo … Deep In The Water

When in Cabo, Mexico, you spend most of your days soaking in the sun, pool side, with a drink in your hands.

Hours slipped away, as R & I swam in the pool and suntanned while having a margarita or two.

As we were staying in a paradise-like place, I took advantage of the scenery and R’s photography skills for some daily (mini) photoshoots.

DSC01111 DSC01102

The palm trees right outside our room made a wicked background, don’t you think?

DSC01197 DSC01200

The infinity pool overlooked the pacific ocean. It felt like a big beautiful deep blue pool with no end… As if it was all connected to the Pacific ocean somehow.

DSC01439 DSC01449

Our last evening in Riu Palace we took a long walk on the beach as the sun was setting… very romantic, right?

There’s something very relaxing about walking barefoot on the beach. Just listening to the melodic sounds of the waves crashing and filling your lunges with the smell of the ocean. It’s one of my favorite feelings.

DSC01483 DSC01493 DSC01485 copy

Unfortunately, we couldn’t go deep into the water as the currents were just too powerful. That didn’t stop us from dipping our toes in the ocean and chasing the crashing waves like little kids.

DSC01487 DSC01490

The sunset in Cabo is truly magical, the sun lights up golden and the sky begins to transform into all the shades of purple… It’s truly breathtaking.

Until next time Cabo…

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