Raise The Macallan Night

Last Tuesday, The Macallan hosted a special tasting night called “Raise the Macallan”, in Bespoke San Francisco. When you get invited to such an event, and knowing your hubby is a single malt fanatic, you RSVP yes without hesitation!

Before the tasting took place, all the invitees were mingling and networking over a glass of scotch, some people prefer neat (like me), while others like it on the rocks.


There were a few entertainment and informative booths in the welcome area. You could customize your own bottle label, a photo booth, a whiskey aroma section and an important moments digital wall.

When it was time for the tasting, we were escorted to an adjacent hall, where the presentation and tasting took place. Our host for the night was the amazingly funny and extremely energetic Mr. Kieron Elliott, brand ambassador of Macallan. Your typical witty and charming Scott, who guided us through the world of single malt whiskey and what makes Macallan so special. Macallan doesn’t use any coloring in their single malts and use a special kind of still (which is “curiously” smaller than the others). All of this and more makes Macallan so unique and desired the world over.


As the presentation was taking place, we were simultaneously tasting the different Macallan offerings: 10, 12 & 15 year versions.


At the end of the tasting, we were surprised by a “bonus”tasting of the Macallan rare cask. The rare cask is one of the Macallan pride & joy bottles!


We were lucky to be attending the tasting that particular night, because it was the first time they include the rare cask!


Between all the delicious single malts we tasted, I liked the 15 year the most. It was smooth and bold at the same time. You could taste the vanilla and citrus notes in it, and it was easy to drink by a tiny girl like me.


The Raise The Macallan night was informative, fun, and getting the chance to taste the rare cask Macallan was the cherry on top!




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