Beauty Hack -01-

We all want pigmented rich eyeshadows, don’t we? But when we look at the palette, then look at our eyelids, somehow the eyeshadow seems dull on our skin. Well, there’s a super easy solution!

All you gotta do is wet your make up brush. Yup, just wet it! you can use water, rose water (my favorite way), primer spray or setting spray. Choose your favorite between them and keep it next to you when applying make up,.


Before you pick up product with the brush, wet the brush well (not to the point it’s dripping, though) and then use as usual.

It will make a huge difference trust me. The colors will look much denser, pigmented and rich !

DSC00567 copy

Just look at the difference in the picture!

You can also use the same technique to make a dull blush richer. Be careful though with the blush, you don’t want it to look unnatural and too strong.

I hope you found this little trick helpful, let me know in the comments your favorite make up trick.




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