Au Revoir LBD, Hello LBJ!

Odds are, every girl/woman reading this post owns at least one little black dress. From short dresses to maxis, the LBD has become an essential item in every closet.

But haven’t we had enough of this?

Hell yeah we have, and it’s about time to spice things up!


Next time you’re on the hunt for a LBD, opt for a jumpsuit instead. A little black jumpsuit – LBJ – can be as sassy and classy as a LBD. The right jumpsuit can enhance your body shape and make you feel attractive! It can be a casual chic design or a boho chic style… Pick the one that fits your style best and rock it!IMG_9894

A little lace detail and an open back can really make a jumpsuit stand out!


Style it with colorful accessories for a bold pop of color. And a statement piece of jewelry will make the look unforgettable!


Layer a coat for those cold days. A bold colored coat for a striking look or go all black, for more of a mysterious chic look.

IMG_9930 IMG_9934

Pants or shorts, a jumpsuit can be a real eye catcher… It’s a nice twist on a traditional favorite!

So ditch your black dress and get yourself a black jumpsuit instead.

600x900  image1xxl1612218_260794 m9900201_lisa-marie_05.10.15_hm_31771_a

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