Bummer Of The Week – Simple Micellar Water

I’m definitely going against the grain here. All you hear lately is the amazingness of Simple cleansing micellar water. Well, it didn’t amaze me at all. In fact it was a bummer.

No one really know what the hell micellar water is, but they’re all raving about it. It’s amazing, it’s great, blah blah blah…


No it’s not! Micellar water supposed to be this amazing makeup remover that makes your skin better. If you consider rubbing your skin off until there’s no make up a make up remover, then yeah it is. And about the whole makes you skin better, honestly I’ve seen nothing of that.SONY DSC

And on top of that, you need a separate eye make up remover because this baby right here will sting your eyes so badly, you’re gonna be blind for a few minutes.

Simple Micellar water you’ve been voted as the BOTW! (that’s Bummer Of The Week)


2 thoughts on “Bummer Of The Week – Simple Micellar Water

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