Must Have High End Beauty Products

Don’t get me wrong, I love drug store products that are easy on the wallet. They’re perfect for cycling between products and following trends, specifically seasonal ones.

When buying high end make up, focus on products that are part of your daily look, are timeless and useful.


First, a good neutral eyeshadow palette. Every girl should have one in her makeup stash. A nude eyeshadow palette will come in handy a lot. Yes, that blue makeup look is amazing, but let’s be real here, you’re probably gonna wear that blue eyeshadow only a couple times, if at all. I find the Naked 3 palette, a perfect fit for my skin color. Find your perfect color scheme and invest in a good brand.


Second, mascara!!! Honestly, some drug store brands have decent mascaras, but for great results I find higher end mascaras are worth it. Of course I’m talking about the Benefit “Roller Lash” mascara. I swear by it! That thing is GOLD!!! I’m so obsessed with it.


Third, a good highlighter that blends well with your skin and gives you a NATURAL look. Find your perfect fit and spend a little extra on it. You’ll use it day and night, so paying a little extra moola is OK here. I love the Watt’s Up from Benefit Cosmetics and the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (for a more dewy / radiant look).


Forth, a good skin care product. If you only have money for one thing, you should invest it in a good skin care product. If you’re complexion isn’t clear and radiant no matter what make up you use, the result won’t be as good.

Since each complexion is different, there’s no one product I’d recommend for everyone. However for under eyes, I recommend the Khiel’s Midnight Recovery eye cream. It won’t do miracles over night, but with time, you’re under eyes will look brighter.


Last, a signature scent is something that everyone needs. There’s a ton of perfume to choose from, play around with a few to pick your ultimate favorite, then make it yours!




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