Food, Beer & More

After sleeping-in late and laying around in bed until noon watching TV and sipping our coffee, it was time to officially start the day. My tummy was rumbling, asking to be fed. We had already planned to go to a beer tasting that day, but we thought we should probably start with lunch before the drinking.

I wore the cutest denim shorts with lace and an olive buttoned shirt.


Accessorized with my favorite rings of the moment and my Longchamp bag.


We stopped at Deli Board for a quick but heavy lunch, to soak up the incoming alcohol. I had the “mina” sandwich which was aa-maz-iinggg !


I smothered it with their homemade hot sauce and devoured every last piece of it.


They give you the pickles in a plastic bag… So cute!

After finishing our food, we headed to CellarMaker Brewing Co. for some delicious craft beer. The place was already packed at around 2:30 pm, but we managed to find two empty seats at the bar.



Their most famous beer is the “Imperial Coffee & Cigarettes” that actually has coffee added during the brewing process. So we ordered that alongside a few other beers for our little tasting. Starting from the lightest colored beer to the darkest, we sampled each one, liked some and others not so much.  My favorite was the “Saison Francisco”, a very light and crisp beer. The way I like it. The “Imperial Coffee & Cigarettes ” tasted like a cold espresso, so shocking!



On the way back to the car, we stumbled upon a very interesting looking coffee house and roastery, we had to go in.

One of their specialities is the affogato! One of my favorite ways to have coffee. Affogato is basically a shot of espresso poured over a scoop of ice cream… I mean how can you not love it! Affogato

So of course, we ordered two affogatos. For me with chocolate ice cream and R with blood orange olive oil ice cream. The blood orange is so refreshing and tangy, makes a perfect pairing with the coffee.



You can check out my adventure here in this 1min video.

Calories don’t count on the week end right?


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