A Relaxing Weekend

Every once in a while, you don’t really feel like doing much. This weekend was that kinda of weekend for me. Laying low and not doing much was what I needed.

That means sleeping in late, staying in my pjs until it’s absolutely necessary to change and binging on Netflix all day long.

But as our food supply at home depleted, we had to get out to eat. R was feeling kinda sick (blame New York’s weather for that) and nothing is better at curing a cold than a good hearty bowl of delicious ramen (or pho maybe… perhaps).

Until recently, I haven’t been a big fan of ramen. The first visit was life changing so in 2.5 weeks I have visited Ramen Parlor four times for their amazing lobster pork garlic ramen.


As the whole theme of the weekend was I am too lazy to do anything my outfit was also.


A black T and a black ripped jeans with red flannel shirt tied on the waist. Could it get any lazier than that?


Even though it was a lazy choice of outfit, I quite liked the end result so I have another safe outfit in mind for another  “I have nothing to wear” day.


Do you also have safe outfits on my mind for the days you can’t decide what to wear?

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