Homemade Rose Scrub

One of the million things that I love about R is that he gets me roses no occasion needed. Monday was one of those days. A single red rose, that’s his signature. The rose was getting limp, so I decided to make a homemade Rose scrub.


All you need is a rose (or any other type of flowers that smells nice of course) sugar and some coconut oil (or olive oil). Put the petals only in the blender, for every flower add about a cup of sugar and one tablespoon of coconut oil.



Mix them well until it’s all even and voila! How easy was that?


This scrub will leave your skin smooth and smelling nice. You can store it in jars and use it whenever you want. If you didn’t get you mom any gift yet, just  make it with her favorite flower and decorate the jar with a cute bow. It is also a super cute gift for a bachelorette party or a sleep over.




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